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Epicor projectmanagement


A system which does not fit the business needs or users is making organizations ineffective.

Implementing ERP

Is your organization changing extensively or do you start implementing Epicor ERP? Pontex-IT supports you in these projects. Pontex-IT combines  several expertise’s required to implement Epicor ERP effectively and professional.

Epicor Projectmanagement - 5 phases

The methodology has 5 phases:

  1. Prepare: discovery completed and expectations set in the sales cycle.
  2. Plan: begins immediately after contract signing and ends when the Project Management Plan is complete and the project is kicked off with the customer’s entire company.
  3. Design:  after the company kick-off, the Core Team begins to learn about the system, to design processes, to convert data, and verify the business processes are complety supported.
  4. Validate:  once the processes are complete, the company completes 1 or more rounds of user acceptance testing to verify that all of their requirements are met. 
  5. Deploy: this phase goes through training, go-live, and post go-live until the project is ready to be closed and evaluated.

Epicor projectmanagement - 5 phases

Epicor projectmanagement Skilled managers 


Epicor projectmanagement is an important part of a successful ERP implementation. To achieve this Pontex-IT applies the so-called Signature Methodology. The Epicor Signature Methodology is a proven model for implementing ERP systems that is organized, systematic, and cost-effective yet is flexible enough to modify the process to meet the needs of each customer. The methodology allows Pontex-IT to plan, schedule, and control project activities to meet customer objectives regarding time, cost, and scope.

A project with a clear goal and workproces that guarantees quality.


Pontex-IT consists of a team of experienced consultants, supporting your organization in a various number of roles:

  • Epicor projectmanagement
  • Epicor training and consulting
  • Epicor customizations
  • Epicor installations and migrations

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Epicor projectmanagement

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