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About Us

Pontex-IT would like to close the gap and build a bridge between the user of a system and the system itself:

_________ Oriented
____________________ New
____________________________  Technology
_________________________________________ Epicor ERP
_____________________________________________________ eXpertise

Pontex-IT consists of a number of highly motivated and experienced ERP consultants, who are specialized in the Epicor ERP suite. In total we have over 40 years experience in Epicor ERP and related products. We would like to share this experience with you and we would like to cooperate with you to achieve benefits in the daily usage of your system.

We don’t need a lot of time to understand your situation and can often start immediately. Pontex-IT built up a lot of experience by implementing ERP systems in many manufacturing and distribution companies in Europe in past 15 years. Based on this experience we are able to address the defined issues at short term and we will be able to define and to create a solution for your organization.

Pontex-IT is a combination of expertise in:

  • project management
  • training and implementation consultancy
  • programming customizations
  • installation and migration

We will evaluate each request and dedicate the right resource for each job. You are therefore assured that we have the right resource at the right place.